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Alex has a great passion for teaching Music Theory in a way that is practical, engaging, and tailored to the needs of the individual. He teaches at all levels, from beginner to Grade 8 and beyond, and is strongly committed to ensuring students feel at ease, and comfortable asking as many questions as they like.
At the higher level, Alex has a particular enthusiasm for teaching those aspects of theory that many find the hardest, such as melody writing, harmonisation of figured bass and Bach chorales. He also has extensive knowledge of sonata forms and baroque dance forms, covered in GCSE and A Level Music.

Alex is available for individual or group tuition. He guides students towards all grades of ABRSM Music Theory, and also teaches students who would like to improve their musical skills but do not wish to take exams. For example, some of Alex's students are taking Music Theory lessons in order to improve their sight reading skills.
He also offers tutoring for GCSE and A-level music students. This can be tailored to the student's specific areas for development.

Alex recently put on a successful, five-day course entitled Exploring Choral Music and will be looking to run a similar course next year. This course covered the evolution of choral music in the western classical tradition from Gregorian Chant and its evolution into polyphony, the growth of Orchestral Choral Music, a day studying harmony through choral works, a sight-singing and aural skills day and finally a virtual "concert" day, singing through works explored throughout the week. For information about this, please click here.


"A gifted musician, Alex Thacker is an excellent teacher, showing great patience and good humour. He has boosted my wavering confidence, and I thoroughly enjoy the lessons."

"As a teacher Alex Thacker generously passes on his wealth of knowledge in a coherent and amiable manner.  I was initially afraid he might be too academic for me but I was very wrong. Alex is clear, concise, and witty. He packs as much as he can into 1 hour making the sessions good value for money also. Thank you Alex."

"We've enjoyed music theory lessons with Alex Thacker - he has an easy manner and the patience to explain things to rusty students. He takes time to answer questions thoroughly and we've made great progress with him."